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Home VoIP and Business VoIP Phone Service

Home VoIP
With home telephone service prices on the rise, now is the time to switch to home VoIP service. In addition to lower cost phone service, local and long distance calls The international call rate is significantly lower than you’ll find with pre-paid phone cards or traditional home phone services.

Business VoIP Service
Save Time and Money with Business VoIP ServiceWith business VoIP service, you get all the convenience of hosted PBX calling, integrated local and long distance phone service, and more without paying high monthly rates or high long distance charges. Business VoIP also makes it possible to add services and options you never thought you could afford with traditional phone service.

About VOIP Free Internet Phone Service

What is VoIP Internet Phone ?
VoIP Internet phone service functions like your traditional telephone. However instead of sending calls via telephone lines, your call is routed over the Internet or through an IP-based network. Installing VoIP is very simple and only requires a VoIP adapter (available through your VoIP provider), some software (for using your computer as a phone), and a high-speed Internet connection.